Native to the lakes and mountains of New Hampshire and the New England seacoast, Brian’s father served as the inspiration behind his desire to carry a camera and capture life through a lens from the time he was young. After moving to Atlanta in 1994 to manage a band, Brian eventually worked his way through all facets of content development, from creation to production to distribution. A sailor at heart due to his exposure to the sport of sailboat racing on Lake Winnipesaukee, Brian’s passion became nautical-themed content where he eventually met and married Kelly who also shares a love for the water. 

A Texas native, Kelly grew up spending weekends on Moss Lake where her family enjoyed all things water. Kelly eventually went on to the Private Client Wealth Management sector of Wall Street firms for 15 years where she moved from Texas to New York City and eventually landed in Atlanta. 

Ready for a change of pace, Brian and Kelly married their past lives with their passions to build and grow the Local Flavor Films brand Brian launched in 2010. Here, their team approach allows them to work efficiently and in their preferred capacities where their primary focus is real estate, along with sports and corporate branding. You will find their passion for their work to be evident in all they do, as they hold true to their simple motto of treating others the way they like to be treated. 

Brian and Kelly reside in Cumming, GA with their two children Santana (the actress, age 11) and Stevie (the sports-lover, age 7). 

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