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Southern Sailing Club new communications officer...who me?

January 19, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

The top of new year historically breathes new life into what we are involved with and gives us a reason to take that leap of faith that otherwise dwindles as the year slides forward. Some people have resolutions, others don’t believe in them.

I’m of the mindset that a resolution is like a diet, it never really works long term. If I make my mind up to do something I am taking that decision on at 110% to integrate that something into my daily life, not just find a quick fix that ultimately needs a complete overhaul.

To me, life is a journey not a destination. I enjoy the daily challenge in figuring out each step as it is revealed in front of me, learning as I go. Wisdom is earned, not purchased in bulk at Costco or Sam’s Club.

I started sailing at the ripe age of 10, learned to race in my early teens (ok, 12 isn’t technically a teenager yet) and have been chasing wind since. This year it is time I seriously plug into the local sailing community on Lake Lanier.

I’ve tinkered off and on with the local sailing clubs, some years I’m a member, others I’m not. I’ve been able to crew for a race or regatta as spare time allows, spend time aboard our cruiser – NO..not just at the dock..out on Lake Lanier with the sails up!

LFP150617-10Snow Fox I was crewing on Snow Fox last year, when Captain Chambers made a comment that he had done his duty with the sailing clubs, he had put in his time over multiple years, and that it was time for the younger folks to start taking over the clubs and let the old salts truly retire and just sail. Apparently his words found a spot in my already overloaded brain to plant a seed.

It wasn’t that same day or even that same week, as time ticked forward that seed started sprouting and I realized I need to become an involved member of the Lake Lanier sailing clubs, not just a guy who showed up on race day.

One nostalgic summer day in early December (2015) I received the monthly email and newsletter from Southern Sailing Club. Amongst the usual upcoming calendar of events, recap of recent events, and reminder that it’s time to re-up on the annual club membership dues, was a quick blurb that Southern Sailing Club was looking for someone to take over the communications officer position in 2016.

LFP150812-2Wednesday Night Race on Lake Lanier “Communications officer of Southern Sailing Club” I thought…hmmm, that’d be cool, then I went about my day and completely forgot about it. As December transitioned into autopilot through the first of the year, I continued on business as usual not giving any further thought to the open position at Southern Sailing Club.

During the full court press of the holiday season I was purging my emails as I do every year at that time when I came across that email from a couple weeks prior. Immediately I blasted off an inquiry to the commodore of Southern Sailing Club offering to throw my name in the hat if the position was still open for 2016.

Very quickly I received a response back from the commodore letting me know the position hadn’t been filled and a vote of the current club officers would solidify my inauguration. A week later a second email found its way to my inbox congratulating me on my new position as communications officer for Southern Sailing Club. OMG..Really? Sweet!

I’m Looking forward to a wind-filled year of sailing on Lake Lanier, getting to know the sailors of the local clubs, and hearing their stories along with some tall tales.          http://www.southernsailing.org/


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