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Challenge Accepted!

February 01, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

It was one of those nights where you have the hardest time attempting to fall asleep. Lying there, brain on overload, tossing and turning to find the perfect position, all to no avail. Arggh! I popped out of bed and headed to the office thinking I’ll get a jump on the next day.

Staring at the screen my gut reaction is to head into the time and space continuum we call the internet. Not sure what I am looking for and realizing I am tired, nothing sounds interesting and my head drifts around around the room at photos I’ve taken and hung on the wall.

Many of them sailing photos, some of them landscape. I began to recall the experience from each shoot as my eyes bounced from one photo to the next. A few trips later down memory lane, and BOOM! IT.HIT.ME

You know how some things become engrained in our daily habits? Like brushing your teeth or locking the door on the way out. Well, one of my engrained daily habits was to walk the dog every morning, not just a quick get-your-business-done-as-fast-as-you-can type walk, but a 4-6 mile hike.

Me and the mans-best-friend would get up, gear up, and get outside to start our day, every day, as daybreak unfolded before our eyes; sun, rain, wind, snow. For me it provided clarity for the day, humorous occurrences spawned from animal instinct, opportunity to be one with nature, and fulfill my passion for capturing our daily adventures in a timeless manner, all while achieving exercise that I actually enjoy.

Three months ago Roxy began her eternal hike to the next universe, and I never connected the two occurrences until now. Overnight the new norm was in effect; no hike or memories being made or captured. It wasn’t intentional, it just happened. The next day I slept a little later and never made it outside until after lunch.

That was it, the ah-ha moment that hit me across the noggin. So I challenged myself to get back out there every morning with camera in tow, experiencing the start of each day’s adventure as the sky turns from dark to light.

Last week I posted a panoramic view of the sunrise over Gainesville Marina on social media. It had rained over night and there were some moisture clouds still hovering at the water’s surface which made for some spectacular colors. This photo was taken that same morning from the point at Gainesville Marina.


After seeing how accurately the colors I witnessed in person were reproduced digitally, it sparked a concept to capture golden hour moments across Lake Lanier; marinas, parks, campgrounds, boat ramps, bridges, sailing clubs and any vantage point that showcases Lake Lanier during the golden hour.

I hope you enjoy what is to come. 


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