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What drives passion?

March 02, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

If there’s ever been a loaded question, that’s it. Where does one’s passion originate from? Is passion inherited? I’d be hard pressed to admit I didn’t inherit my curiosity of photography and videography from my father, but what was it that turned curiosity into passion?

Is it the early mornings, late nights, and hours in-between searching for the perfect shot and knowing you got it? Is it the undeniable satisfaction when an idea in your head comes to life through the process of film-making? Is it the gratitude one feels when others like, comment, purchase and appreciate your hard work and creative eye?

When I began shooting my new photo series a month ago (Golden hour on Lake Lanier) I had spent the month prior visualizing the locations and shots, mentally gearing up for the winter weather and pre-dawn commutes to the locations around the lake. When the first day arrived I popped out of bed well before the crack of dawn with shutter finger twitching.


When I arrived at the location I couldn’t hike fast enough, excited for what each bend on the path revealed as I rounded it. Eastern sky beginning to show signs of a light shift while the western sky still black, magical. As the illumination extended to the north and south the western sky began to show the golden hour unicorns. Unicorns? Yep, they don’t really exist - just like the perfect golden hour shot - unless you are there in the moment and happen to catch it.

The process of communicating an idea into a visual reality is nothing short of a miracle. Every time I export that final video file it’s an extension of the blood, sweat, tears and emotions that brought it to life.

Thinking about upcoming video projects fuels the fire. Each project is special in it’s own way. Who will I work with to help execute the vision? What challenges will I be faced with? How will they be overcome? Will the final result showcase the idea effectively? 

Armed with a yolo mentality, taking time to stop and smell the roses along the path yields high rewards within. Always excited to see what is around the next corner in life drives the passion. Successfully communicating my mind’s eye to still or motion art drives the passion. I guess you could say it’s the journey that drives my passion, it is more fulfilling than the destination.

Can passion alone sustain? That’s a debate for another day. Add a healthy dose of self discipline to your passion and you’ll be hard pressed to derail, where ever your journey takes you.


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